The ViCTOR Back to Basics (B2B) series of videos, demonstrates how to conduct vital signs in children aged 0 – 18 years. Written, acted and developed by paediatric nurse educators in 2015, these videos are designed for any clinician working with paediatric patients. The videos specifically complement the ViCTOR and VICTOR Urgent Care charts. We suggest that you start with the main video (11 minutes) and then review the summary videos (~ 2 mins each) of the five ViCTOR age groups.

If you want more information about tailored paediatric education programs, including recognition and response to the deteriorating patient for your health service, please contact PIPER Outreach Education or the RCH Nursing and Allied Health Education team.

ViCTOR Back to Basics – Taking a closer look at paediatric observations

Age specific summary videos

For Intravenous Fluid use in Children check out Dr Sarah McNabs talk at the Don’t Forget the Bubbles (DFTB17) conference. Sarah is currently the lead expert on the 2017/2018 ViCTOR Fluid Management Project.

IV fluid use in children at DFTB17

ViCTOR B2B Disclaimer

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