Branding the charts

Can we put our logo on the charts? 

No. The charts come in a standardised format and layout and are unable to consider individual organisations logos. The ViCTOR charts have been purposely designed and tested for clinician useability therefore the project team do not want to risk altering the charts in any way.  Also, through the benefit of bulk Statewide printing, ViCTOR users are directly benefiting from a combined $75,000 per year in print savings.

Bedside Folders 

I want to order bedside folders – where can I do this? 

Head to the ViCTOR charts and Bedside folder page to check out all the details of the folders


Does ViCTOR come in an electronic format? 

Despite many sites planning an electronic medical record (eMR), our project focuses solely on paper charts. For ViCTOR to merge into an eMR version, we (the VICTOR project team) cannot stipulate how this should be achieved, this is up to your organisation and their agreed eMR vendor.

Broadly, if you are considering e-ViCTOR, we do recommend the following:

  • that it incorporates the ViCTOR colours (orange and purple),
  • that you have the capacity to trends the vital signs over time and
  • that you utilise the evidence that was built into the charts for the age specific escalation ranges. For more information contact the ViCTOR team on


Is there a minimum amount I can purchase?

The charts come in packets of 100 for the ViCTOR and ViCTOR Newborn charts or packets of 50 for the Urgent Care charts. These are the minimum amount per age group that you can purchase. If you have any other specific printing questions, please contact Peter Watson from Allanby Press via or call (03) 9811 2000

Health Information Management

Where can I find details about barcodes for my Heatlh Information team?

In addition to the charts this document will assist your Health Information Manager with implementation: ViCTOR HIS information

Assessment Guides

What is the ViCTOR assessment guide?

The ViCTOR assessment guide (for use with the original ViCTOR charts) was designed to assist the user to interpret the patients observations and includes respiratory and pain assessment tools. The guide comes in a A4 page and lanyard format, and can be downloaded below or professionally printed with order codes via the ViCTOR register page

Question not listed here? Or do you have suggestions or feedback about the charts or related resources?… please contact us