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Educational resources

Videos to support the implementation of ViCTOR charts can be found here

Videos describing how to take paediatric observations can be found here


Suggested bedside folders

Suggested ViCTOR folders

As part of the ViCTOR program, a custom designed folder to house the ViCTOR charts, (in addition to other bedside patient notes) has been developed. The folders have had direct bedside nursing input in both design and features. These folders were refined over a number of months and have undergone significant upgrades to suit the needs of clinicians. The ViCTOR folders are less than half the individual unit price through bulk Statewide orders and are available in multiple colors. Optional extras include hanging hooks and plastic adhesive ID pocket. See these slides for details on design, colours and layout: ViCTOR folder specifications. For any further questions please contact the manufacturer Bill Graham on 94087905.

For ordering, the process is as follows:

  1. Download the order form here: ViCTOR Bedside folder order form
  2. Email this completed form to
  3. The Manufacturer will provide an invoice to you via return email.
  4. IMPORTANT: you must either generate a organisational purchase requisition or pay the manufacturer directly via credit card
  5. Orders will be filled asap and you should expect to receive your folders within a month of the order date.